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Rachel & Drew - Fall Run Engagement Photos {Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer}

These two. I can't even begin to explain how down to Earth and awesome they are! With both of them being police officers, they knew from the start they wanted to steer clear of the city and have a more relaxed aesthetic for their Pittsburgh engagement photos. Whenever they put me up to the challenge of finding a nice wooded area with a waterfall close to the city, I was stoked to have Googled Fall Run Park! Who knew that there was a great hiking trail just minutes from downtown Pittsburgh and that about 1/2 mile into it, there was a waterfall too?! So that's where we went and it was definitely a great spot for engagement photos! While we were going through a drought period at the time, it was still nice that there was a soft stream of water going down the 30-40ft drop-- which, did you see the shot of where their dog decided it would be a good idea to try and climb up the waterfall? Bullet (appropriately named), is the cutest "red" lab puppy ever! He was SO energetic and loved playing in the water. I'm surprised we were able to get him to stop and stay still for a few moments, but with some tricks, we were able to get him posing and smiling for the camera, too. I had such a blast photographing the three of them that I cannot wait for their wedding next year! Congrats!!

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