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Brittany & Paul - Peters Lake Engagement Photos {Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer}

When I met with Brittany at the Starbucks in the Galleria Mall in Mt Lebanon, her personality just popped and she had the brightest look in her eyes talking to me about her wedding! I instantly fell in love with every single detail and instantly became excited for next August. During our conversation, we started talking about an engagement session and she had mentioned that her fiancé, Paul, had several acres close to Peters Lake in Peters Township (just south of Pittsburgh)-- and that on it was a horse stable with a few horses! I instantly lit up upon hearing this and after we shared photos of our dogs to one another (Mike and I have an Australian Shepherd and a German Shepherd), I was over the moon excited for this session!

When it was time for Brittany and Paul's engagement session at Peters Lake, they showed up in a bright blue Harley Davidson with some matching outfits for the road. I was not expecting to take engagement photos with a Harley Davidson, but I absolutely loved how they turned out! We were able to get the Harley down a trail not too far from the parking lot (don't worry it was in neutral and didn't damage any property) and captured some amazingly beautiful light coming from behind them-- peeking through the trees and bushes! The soft romantic light juxtaposed against the heavy Harley made for some fun portraits. The vibrant colors in these engagement photos are definitely something that I always try to emphasize and focus on as I love to create works of art that have a painterly feel.

Once we were done capturing their engagement photos with the Harley Davidson motorcycle, we took a stroll along the lake bank and stopped periodically to capture some natural smiles and giggles. The hazy and sunny sky glowed beautifully on Brittany and Paul's skin! The soft sunset lighting was ideal to create romantic engagement photos by the lake.

Not too far away from Peters Lake, Paul's property was our next and final stop for their engagement photos. When we arrived, we were greeted by their two very spunky and active puppies! While Brittany and Paul changed into their next outfits, I had to play with the pups and capture them as they sprinted at high speeds throughout the pastures! Without saying, I also had to go greet the two horses in the stables. This was my first time incorporating horses into an engagement session and I couldn't have been happier! All of the animals were so well tempered and we even got photobombed by some farm cats! I'm a huge animal lover, so the more the merrier! The engagement photos with the horses were so much fun and the sunset created such a beautiful glow on their manes.

We finished up their farm engagement photos with the horses and the dogs by walking along the hillside and then down into a huge area full of yellow flowering weeds. The dogs were doing "zoomies" running through the tall grass and we couldn't stop laughing at how they were literally living their best lives. Yellow is my favorite color, so I loved Brittany's outfit selection for this portion and how the yellow flowers worked perfectly with everything to tie it together-- and to add that extra pop of color!

Congrats to Brittany and Paul-- I cannot wait for your wedding next August!

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