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The Beauty of Motherhood

A former client of mine had reached out to our local mom group for support and wanted to do photo shoot with her children, in a minimalist manner. I jumped at the opportunity because this is exactly the type of message I want to deliver and she has been a huge part of my business growing. I loved this idea! She had been inspired by a non profit organization based out of Chicago, that has a positive body message for mothers. Love yourself and accept yourself as you are. This is exactly what I try to push forth whenever I shoot boudoir sessions.

Erin is a gorgeous and strong mother of 4. Her children range from 7 years old to just over a year and a half. The few times I have met with her, she's never appeared tired, drained or anxious. It's amazing what we can do and put our bodies through as women. Erin has gone through four childbirths, which included a life threatening hemorrhaging during childbirth. Her body has also been through some pretty rough patches with an autoimmune disease and she beat melanoma skin cancer. When asked about her body, she said, "it's battered and worn but I just want to celebrate all of the great things it's created." Our bodies are made to be fighters. It's incredible the strength that we have and the best reward is seeing it fight through and then be surrounded by so much love. Having four young children isn't easy, but the unconditional love that comes with the job is the best reward.

Sometimes, it's not easy seeing yourself naked in the mirror; we as a society present this altered perspective and fantasy idea of what we should look like and how we are supposed to be. Having this fake ideology isn't healthy and I know that it isn't easy to push down that barrier and take that step to be photographed in our bare minimal. But, when you take that punch and get up the courage, it's more than rewarding. The results are beautiful because you are beautiful. To me, she doesn't look battered or worn. She's strong and beautiful on the inside and out. She's a great mother and a loving person. She's fun and family oriented. And these are her beautiful memories.

As we are finishing up 2016 and moving onto a new year to start a new chapter of our lives. Look forward to 2017 to finding peace, love and acceptance. We all struggle with one thing or another. I challenge you to find that courage and do something you never thought you would. Do something fun, creative or find someplace new to explore! Take a challenge or a dare or break down that barrier. But most of all, have a happy and safe new year!



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