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Sunrise in Oakland

I don't think it's possible to translate into words how much I absolutely adore these pictures of this beautiful family! After having to wait for Pittsburgh's rainy days to pass, we took our chances with the forecast and it ended up paying off as the sun rose on a gorgeous Saturday morning. We started our adventure at Pittsburgh's Schenley Park in Oakland for a beautiful family portrait photography session. As we watched the sun rise and cast am amber glow onto the skyline, we ran around Schenley Park capturing the golden rays of sun. Dylan had a lot of fun running, playing with the leaves and giving his parents' plenty of kisses! After the sun was shining high in the sky, we made our way down to the University of Pittsburgh campus for some more fun in the leaves, playing hide-and-seek behind the row of trees and running in front of the Carnegie Library. Thank you to Marybeth, Michael and Dylan for these beautiful family photos at Schenley Park and at Pitt in Oakland!

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