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Kate + Brad | Mellon Park Engagement Photos

Mellon Park in Pittsburgh's East End is by far my favorite park in the city! When I met Kate and Brad at Starbucks in Bethel Park to discuss their wedding plans, Kate had mentioned to me that they would love to have their engagement photos taken there! I instantly lit up since I had just finished posting Chelsea & Kevin's blog post of their engagement shoot at Mellon Park the night before. I quickly jumped onto my website to show them the gallery of the engagement photos at Mellon Park. I was so excited to book their wedding-- not only because I would be able to photograph another couple at Mellon Park, but because of how excited I was to work with Kate and Brad!

The two exude this awkwardly cool factor about them and you can see that they are so so comfortable around each other. I love the couples that start their session with saying how awkward they are with each other because it truly makes the best photo session! I had just put back a medium iced coffee on my way to their engagement session at Mellon Park, so I was super ready to rock and roll!

It had been a beautiful morning but with thunderstorms on the radar for just about the time we were set to photograph, I made the judgement call to keep our plans rolling. It had been storming on and off all week and I knew that if we were hit, there was a high chance that the rain would be over within 15 minutes and that there was also a high chance for a beautiful sunset following the break in the storm! I was definitely right on both of those and I was so glad I went with that gut instinct. The storm rolled in just around 5pm-- which was right about the time Kate was meeting up with Brad in Oakland after he finished the work day. The two grabbed dinner in Oakland at Sushi Fuku and met me about an hour later at the park. By that time, the sun was shining on and off through the clouds and the foliage looked gorgeous with rain drops on the leaves. I kept thinking how beautiful the park looked and that it reminded me of a tropical rain forest or Jumanji!

At the end, Kate requested to have some shots taken on the cobblestone road, which I forgot was even there! Mellon Park is a perfect spot for engagement photos because there is literally so much in such a small area! The cobblestone road paired with the cottage style building now reminded me of an English garden. I love the versatility of the location! Congrats to Brad + Kate on their engagement and I cannot wait to photograph your wedding next June!


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