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Ryland's 3rd Birthday Photos {Pittsburgh Family Photographer | Mellon Park Family Photos}

To be so young and carefree is what Ryland is all about! This little dude spent his 3rd birthday with me at Mellon Park in the Eastern side of Pittsburgh. I love this park and it's historical charm and Ryland brought new life into the space with his enthusiasm and smile! We started with an adventure behind the fountain hiding behind some potted plants. I was able to get him through the garden wall over to some neat looking stone walls. He embraced the space as a stage before running off to find something new. His mom put on a fox hat, which he ran to hide behind the bushes. None the less, this little man kept us on our toes and gave us quite the workout! I love seeing how much he has grown since his 2nd birthday photos (remember those awesome Where the Wild Things Are series?? If not, check them out here). He's quite the entertainer and always puts a smile on your face!

Happy 3rd Birthday Ryland! It was great capturing your family photos at Mellon Park!

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