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Christina & Matt are Married (Again)! - Stoney Point Events Wedding and Reception {Pittsburgh We

I love winter weddings! This one is finishing out with a bang and an amazing 2016 for Lovas Photography! When I met Christina and Matt months ago, I was excited and anxious to take on their big day! It wasn't their first wedding, as it was their 5 year wedding anniversary, but their first was in 2011 and they didn't have the chance to have a big celebration with friends and family. Fast forward five years later and the two have built together a beautiful family and now have had the opportunity to renew their vows and have that celebration!

This is my second wedding at Stoney Point Events in Altoona for this year. Their friends, Derek and Josh, were married here at the end of October. Their party was nothing short of fun and I knew this crowd would be a blast! Having a wedding at Stoney Point Events is such a good time! From their scenic outdoor space that's perfect for portraits, to their fun tricks planned for the reception, it's always a good time celebrating at Stoney Point Events!

This night had a lot of laughter and fun. I think my favorite part was the garter and bouquet toss. It started when the event coordinator basically had to bribe the single ladies to get up to the dance floor, which followed by them not responding to the flower toss. The crowd laughed as they all awkwardly stood there and watched the flowers fall to the ground. After a redo, Megan caught the bouquet, which only meant her boyfriend, Dan, had to catch the garter.

The placing of the garter on Megan's leg took an unusual turn when the event coordinator convinced Dan he was putting it on the wrong leg and then had him blindfolded to finish the job. As Dan was being blindfolded, the owner, Lynne, switched Megan with Derek (my previous groom from October) and Megan watched over Derek's shoulder as Dan worked his magic with the garter. It was a sight to see and everyone in the room was laughing! It was definitely a show stopper, and thanks to Dan for being such a great sport when he found out what was happening once the blindfold was removed. Also, I may be a big partial to the event since Dan is my younger brother!

The evening carried on with drinks and dancing as the guests were then entertained with the money dance, a performance put on with the Virtual DJ showing Rocky Horror's "Time Warp" song, and then two performances by the guys and girls with rocking songs-- complete with guitars and wigs! Needless to say, the photos show what a wonderful and happy day for the pair. It was magical to see such love and happiness shared between their family and friends! Congrats to Christina and Matt and their beautiful children! I hope your next 50 years are filled with as many memories and love as we saw on this day.

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