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Lincoln's First Birthday - Lumberjack Birthday Photos {Pittsburgh Family Photographer}

Oh, how time flies! It felt like yesterday I was taking Lincoln's newborn photos and now fast forward a year later, here are his cake smash photos for his first birthday! I didn't think Lincoln could be any more cuter when I first met him a year ago as a newborn, but this little fella has grown to be quite the dapper little man! Dressed up in his lumberjack outfit, with a (foam) ax included, Lincoln set out to his backyard to chop down some logs. But the best part about this tree chopping, is that the log was really a delicious tree trunk cake from Grandview Bakery! Lincoln smashed right into it and couldn't stop eating it! We had a blast photographing his first birthday and I cannot wait to see his next big milestones as he grows! Happy Birthday Lincoln!

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