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Taylor & Craig - South Park Maternity Photos

The love between these two is incredible. I was paired up to Taylor and Craig for their South Park maternity photos last minute. My friend was supposed to photograph their session but came down with the flu and asked if I was able to help out since their work schedules were already clear for photos for this night. I was hesitant at first because what they didn't know was that I had lost my unborn baby the week before this session and was still an emotional wreck. I don't whether it was fate or timing, but I was meant to meet these two to help me heal. What could have been a hard time was anything but that.

I was driving to the maternity session at South Park and saw rain droplets starting to hit my windshield. The forecast still read at 0% chance of rain, so I figured everything was bound to go wrong. I couldn't have been more wrong. When I pulled up to meet them at Oliver Miller Homestead, the rain stopped and the two jumped out of their car with huge grins on their faces. From there, the sky continued to only grow sunnier and the evening was spent with laughter and great conversation. This was everything I needed and I couldn't have been happier to meet Taylor and Craig.

The lesson is, even when things get hard or you're afraid to do something, give it a shot because it may be exactly what you need in life to push through and prevail. From this, I met two incredibly happy people and I cannot wait to meet their daughter! Seriously! Look at the laughter and happiness on their faces!! And also, they gave me two bottles of wine as a thank you gift for the short notice <3

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