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Josh & Derek - Tytoona Cave Engagement Photos {Pittsburgh Engagement Photographer}

Had I known that there was such a magical spot miles from my house as a kid, I may have been inclined to venture up to the middle of nowhere more frequently, but I had recently come across this hidden gem a few month's back. Tytoona Cave is a little well-kept secret in central PA, between Altoona and Tyrone. The spot is close to Arch Springs and Fort Roberdeau in Sinking Valley, PA. What should have been filled with water was a sight full of exposed rocks covered in moss. As soon as we walked down the steep wooden steps, the temperature dropped about 30 degrees and I imagined the little rolling bed of rocks were going to spin around and turn into the trolls from Disney's Frozen. It was a magical and mystical location, and Josh and Derek loved the location. We spent the golden hour of the day climbing over the rocks coming across hidden nooks and beautiful scenery. These two are one of the most adorable couples I have come across. Their love is long, which made for them to feel awkward and bust out in plenty of laughs as they tried to act serious for their engagement photos. I had a great time spending the evening with them and cannot wait to photograph their wedding at the end of October! Congrats to Josh and Derek!

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