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Elaine & Bill - Tyler Mahoning Wedding Photography {Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer}

Elaine and Bill's wedding day was full of laughter, love and good times, despite the pouring down rain. But hey! Don't they say that the more rain drops on your wedding day means less tears shed during your marriage? The day started off getting ready at a nearby hotel, where nerves were at an all time high! Elaine was really nervous and anxious at the same time. After getting dressed with her best girls by her side, the limo drove through Youngstown, Ohio to arrive for the wedding at Tyler Mahoning Valley History Center.

The guys were having a great time at the center and guests were arriving. Elaine and Bill couldn't wait to say "I Do" after a very short and sweet ceremony! After some 'picnic' time inside, we ventured out into the rain, which slowed down at this point, to take their wedding photos at Tyler Mahoning Valley History Center. The exterior brick was gorgeous and the small-town city feel of the location was perfect for an urban vibe, without being too busy. This group was a lot of fun to work with and loved my Abbey Road idea crossing through Youngstown!

The night ended with a full night of dancing and having a great time time! Elaine's smile was contagious and her happiness can be seen through her photos. This wedding was very elegant and simple at the same time and was full of good times! Thank you to Mark Simpson of Mark Simpson Photography for allowing me to work with you on this wedding and many congrats to Elaine and Bill!

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