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Dominique - Mt Washington, City Cafe, Randyland and Mattress Factory Photography {Pittsburgh Senior

If Spirit Animals exist, Dominique and I are the same animal. Everything about Dom, I admired. Her energy to create art, her love of nature (no Daffodil's were hurt in the making of her photograph), drinking Chai at a local cafe, and her interest in all things colorful! I was anxious to work with Dom and take her senior pictures, but I never imaged how magical they would turn out! I had a blast spending my Saturday morning with her as we traveled throughout some of the coolest spots around Pittsburgh. We started on Mt Washington for some Pittsburgh senior pictures overlooking the skyline. It was an incredibly hazy morning and we went with the vibe. The sun casted some super strong rays and made for some gorgeous artistic shots. We then traveled to Edgewood to City Cafe for some drinks, where we chatted with the owner and talked about art. Dom had a chai tea and I had the best frozen strawberry lemonade I've ever tasted (seriously, go check out this cafe for some spectacular drinks). After our morning drinks, we headed to the Northside to get some senior pictures at the Mattress Factory. While we waited for it to open, we walked down the street to Randyland and explored the garden of colorful artwork! A hidden gem in the city, Randyland is the perfect spot for an art major for her senior pictures! The mattress factory featured some cool exhibits and a pretty outdoor green garden. It was the perfect Saturday morning and I wish Dom the best of luck! Enjoy your time in the Americorps and congrats on your art degrees!

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