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Waiting for ewe (Pittsburgh Maternity Photographer)

After waiting the first month of Winter for a beautiful snow fall, we couldn't wait any longer as this beautiful family is expecting their new arrival any day now! We finally received a blanket of white snow, but along came the frigid temps in the negatives, so the anxious mom and dad invited me into their beautiful home instead. We kept warm and, instead, ended up with a much different look, but one that I really love! The nursery is absolutely cute and waiting for their new baby girl or boy... it's a surprise to everyone, including mom and dad! I totally think boy, but that's my guess by some old wives' tale. Hopefully, mom and dad will find out soon, because he or she is sure to be loved and they cannot wait to bring home a happy and safe new little baby. Congrats to the beautiful parents and enjoy your new little bundle of joy whenever he or she arrives!


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