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Katelyn + Donnie & James and his Giant Truck

Donnie and his big truck were no match for how cute James and his toy truck were! We started off with our session by whipping out a collection of cool trucks and trains and watched them speed down the country roads. Little James and his giant truck soon ventured into the massive piles of leaves that covered the ground at Canoe Creek. We had a lot of fun jumping into the piles and throwing them up into the air! After we played in the leaves several times, James couldn't wait to walk down to the shore and see the water. We skipped some stones, thanks to his mom's help, and then after convincing James that the water was too cold to swim in, headed back to check out his dad's truck once more. Thank you to James, Katelyn and Donnie for letting me take your gorgeous family photos at Canoe Creek-- and make sure James gets a lot more trucks for Christmas!

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