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Autumn at Squaw Valley Park

If there's one thing I truly love photographing, it's kids being kids at heart and playing! There's nothing more fun than running around a playground with two little kids talking to them and capturing their young-at-heart adventures. This past weekend, I was able to do just that with Autumn's beautiful kids, Frankie and Mia. What started off as a bad adventure with Mia stepping a little too close to the pond, ended up with a lot of giggles and fun! Watching the love between a big brother and a little sister is priceless. Mia was afraid of a few things at the park, but big brother Frankie stepped right to her side and grabbed her hand to help her cross that swinging bridge. The two explored Squaw Valley Park in Fox Chapel for their photo session and found some huge leaves! What started as a cold and grey morning, turned into a gorgeous sunny fall day! Thank you Autumn for letting me run around with your two adorable children!

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